Heat at last!

    Woo!!! It is a balmy 63 degrees outside! Windy, but oh my gods warm. I am so glad to see some change in temperature. IT was unseasonably cold for a bit there. Highs of 12 or 9 were not the way I like to spend the winter.  Especially when it freezes pipes and makes changing clothes a torture. (cold as a witches…….) I’m also still dealing with the pain in my arms, hands and shoulders from working on the ditch. sigh.

Yesterday was a bit of an adventure. Night before, Gretchen called as they were having trouble with the Huerfano Journal website. From what we could tell, the French were maybe doing maintenance. Reality was that their site was down. We checked it a few hours later and there was no site. Aieeee! Especially bad as the paper was due out Thursday morning.  So, we got up yesterday and did some revisions on our website contract to reflect the discounts that we give the paper, printed up a copy along with their bill for previous updates and headed down to talk with them.

Stopped at Computer Troubleshooters first as he is their webhosting service. The French were still down and Dan and John V. talked about it and the mess. Later we went over and talked to Gretchen and Brian. Dan explained what we were willing to do and also discussed the bill still owed. He was really uncomfy having to do that when they were in a no win situation, but didn’t have much choice. Dan had delayed talking with Brian about it and now it was biting them both in the arse. sigh…  Gretchen was upset and felt like she was hemorrhaging money. Granted, they have paid out a lot of dosh, but so have we as a business. Worse yet, we have had very little return for our various investments because we are waiting for Qwest to pull a T-1 out of it’s arse and connect it where we need it for the various WiFi projects. Worse yet, we have the issue whereby the small jobs we able to accomplish don’t bring in a lot of money. sigh…

So, Gretchen paid us and we came back to the office. Dan had to run off to the hotel job for a bit and then we grabbed some dinner and headed back to the office. 5 hours later, we had the Huerfano Journal site up and running complete with all the articles.  Fell into bed and slept like the proverbial dead.

Today, we have a server to build and some other small jobs to get done. Life nailed both Dan and I with sore arms. His shoulder and my elbow are acting up making life interesting. Without my backspace key, this post would be nothing but sduutobpieh routhnne typinmg.

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