Oh my gods it was windy yesterday. Woke up to hear the howling of the wind trying to push the glass on the windows too hard and all the air coming through any crack it could find. While at 520, Dan and I heard a loud *pop* and when we looked out, there was a huge branch from the dead tree in the front yard laying on the ground. We also got an email from Brian. Part of the Huerfano Journal’s building had fallen victim to the wind. It made the front page of the Pueblo Chieftain!

Sitting in my office, I kept hearing things creak and wondered if we would loose bits of the front porch. It really needs work, and has the worst section of roof. We were lucky to only have tree branches down.

We also went to see the Golden Compass last night. Brian gave Dan two free tickets and so all of us went. (Dan, John, Beth, Matt, Morgan and I) The movie was very good. Enough so that I think I will re-read the books in a month or so. I have just a few to read at the moment.

After the movie, I did some laundry (yawn….) and then curled up with my book. I am nearly finished with it, so leapt at the chance to take Beth to La Veta this afternoon. She had to go do something at the art gallery there and I read my book. I think I have about 3 chapters to go. I’ll finish it tonight. Laume and other friends have been keeping lists of books they have read and I think I may do that this year.  I think that there is some sort of widget to put it on here. Must go digging.

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