Soporific Day

I am doing my best to stay awake. Not working really well, and the bed is looking better and better. Who knows, maybe I will take a nap in a bit. It’s been a long week and it is only Tuedsay.

Yesterday, we took care of all the business stuff. Dan went and helped John with a technical telephone conference and I tried to organize stuff here at the office. hahahaha! That didn’t go very far. I worked on my area a bit and that was all. I have to wait for Dan on the rest of it.

We spent the rest of the evening sort of in that numb zone. Lots of people sending condolences and “hopes” that things get better. Erin and Morgan came over with Logan and we had a late supper. Spaghetti.

We also learned yesterday that after Dan let Airspring know that he was no longer employed by RBT, that they told Karen she had to pay the whole bill now! Some $2200.00+. She paid it. Didn’t even touch what was in the bank account. This peeved me no end, that here we are struggling and being honest about where every penny went and ‘the money’ wouldn’t help us. However, the moment we quit, ‘the money’ is helping Karen. Oh well. We know we aren’t thieves. We know we did the best we could and just how hard the work really is. Too bad we weren’t appreciated. Oh well. Yeah, I’m a little bitter.

We were suppose to be up early so that Dan could go job hunting. Well,… We almost made it. He and Erin finally headed to Trinidad around noon. I’ve caught up on my computer stuff, moved email out from the account and in general done a whole lot of sitting. I know I aught to go get the papers and start job hunting. Just don’t have the urge to do it. Yeah, I’m a little blue about the whole thing. Maybe I will take that nap.

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