Horrid, horrid week.

The Queen had an annus horrilibus. This has been my horrid week. First the business. Then on Wednesday, Pauline came over and asked us to help her move out to the ranch. Daniel, Dan and I went out and helped pack up the pick-up truck, her car and a full sized school bus. Lots of heat, dust and hard work. By the time we finished, I had the headache from hell. I climbed in bed at 8pm, after a shower and slept for 12 hours.

Thursday morning while I was waiting for Dan to pick me up, I heard Oscar go after a cat. Didn’t know what cat, as I was too late to see that. All I saw was gray fur on the floor. That could have been Tweek, who I had brought in about 10 minutes earlier, or Bubbles. Dan picked me up and we went over to work on 520. We weren’t there even an hour when the kids called me. Tweek was ill on Matt’s bed. Dan and I went over and checked her out. She was the one that Oscar had attacked earlier. We picked her up and brought her over to 520, knowing that she would either pass or start to get better.

Tweek passed about three hours later. Still no idea of what exactly was broken. She had a long scratch and that was about it. Considering how quickly she died, nothing a vet could have done would have helped. We buried her in the back yard at 520.

Then I had to go over to 203 and let John and the rest of the family know what had happened. We also had to tell Daniel that Oscar had to go. This is the third cat he has killed. Plus, he has bitten 5 or 6 people. Nothing serious, but hard enough to draw blood. AT this point, my fear was that Logan would get bitten. So, Oscar had to go. Of course, Daniel has been very upset. I was upset.

Upset, angry, in tears,… everything. He is very angry with me and Dan. No other course of action though, but to get rid of the dog.

This morning, I went to turn my resume in at two different secretarial type jobs. One for the D.A. and one at the local chiropractor. I will have to wait until Monday to see if I get an interview. The chiropractor didn’t know what to think of this middle aged woman who wanted a job. A paying job. He kept asking me questions like I was a 20-something. Honestly didn’t know what to think of someone who didn’t want more education, just a job that paid. Oh well.

After that, Daniel came over and practically threw Oscar at me. The whole, “you get rid of him, and I’ll hate you forever” mind trip. I called all over trying to find a place for him. No luck. So, Dan and Erin took him up in the hills. I’m not happy about this, but it is better than him being dead. Of course, now Daniel wants his dog back, there is no way to get him back and I have to deal with all of that.

Of course, in the middle of this whole thing, my Dad calls. The medical tests came back positive for cancer. Two or three kinds. Bladder cancer, a tumor of some sort and one other thing. Treatable, but still. Trying not to worry. I’ll get more details from Mom tomorrow.

Dan just got back. He told Daniel and I about Oscar. From the moment he got out of the back of the truck, he was blissful. Ignored Dan and Erin, his ball, everything human. He got a drink out of the stream after playing in it and then was hunting a vole and snacking. They called to him and he just went over the hill and out of sight. They waited around for 30 minutes and while they saw him a time or two, he was happy to be out there. He went out of sight and they came home. It may not have been the best thing, but there was no one who would take him. There are no No Kill shelters in this end of the state for dogs his size. (German Shepard and Wolf) No ranchers. All in all, it is the best choice. Our only other one was a bullet in the head. Not even Dan could do that to him.

I’m going to bed.

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