Happy endings, birthdays,and background music

Friday was my last day at the D.A.’s office. Part of me was rather sad that it was my last day. The rest of me was glad I was getting out of that nut house. My replacement… Oh My Gods! She certainly was not hired because of her ability to work. In a week of “training”, she managed to learn maybe 10% of the job, and I am being generous. She spent more time yakking with the HR person who is a friend than learning the Job. On Friday, she wasn’t there 20 minutes when she started to complain about her back. She spent more time on the phone than she did working. She was gone by 10:30am. This left Pattie and I to do all the work. Pattie left for a job interview at 3pm. I was by myself most of the afternoon. The A.D.A. and the HR person asked me what I thought of the job, etc. I didn’t tell them much of anything, except that their file security was rotten. I pick up my paycheck on Tuesday.

Saturday was a lazy day. We slept in! Around 2pm, Dan and I went to Pueblo to do the regular payday shopping. It took forever! Not that there were tons of people or that it was hectic, we were just sloooow. We ate dinner at Chile’s. Yummmmm…. There was also a stop at Barnes & Noble. Yeahhhh!

Sunday was another lazy day. I think that my body did the whole “ok, I’m not working so now I’m going to flake out.” My feet were so sore! You’d think I’d run 90 miles. We spent most of the evening watching Babylon 5. It was also Erin’s 26th birthday.

Monday… Woke up with a headache. Finally got up around 10am. I wrote my articles for the newspaper, ran down to the D.A. Office to see Pattie. I helped her copy her private files and then headed off to Pauline’s. She is trying to move out of her house. I helped her pack about 20 boxes… I came home around 6pm. This headache and I are going to bed early. It is Jimmer’s birthday today.

In the background I’ve got Dan choosing the music… Freebird, Nightwish, Asia, Godsmack. A rather odd mix as he is looking for specific music. Good thing I’m not too picky.

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