Hot weather malaise

It is hot. Hot enough that I don’t feel like doing all the stuff I aught to. Granted, it didn’t help that I felt like lukewarm dreck for most of Monday and Tuesday. If I didn’t know any better, I swear that I slept walked and ate cheese! Oh I felt awful. I also managed to help Pauline pack part of her house and picked up my paycheck.

Wednesday Dan and I went to Pueblo and picked up building supplies to start working on the closet. We are putting a partition in to turn it back into two closets. Pueblo was like an oven. I was very glad that the little truck had air conditioning. At least by the time we got home it was cooler. I also did a ton of laundry. If I knew who was “eating towels”, I think I’d shoot them.

Today was busy. My parents came in around 2pm. I had opened up their house and made sure it was cooling off. Dan and I started working on the closet between babysitting Daniel’s dog, chatting with Pauline, running errands and answering a phone that wouldn’t stop ringing.

My parents took John and I to dinner at the Rambler. It was good as usual. Except for the way the waitress wrote the ticket. No Chez became No Che  Z7.95, which made it look like my dinner cost $27.95! It took two waitresses and a cook to unbollux the register! At least my dad laughed rather than blowing up.

After dinner, we all visited for a bit and then I came back over to help Dan for a bit with the closet. Tomorrow, I take Daniel to Pueblo and we will go shopping for birthday prezzies and more building materials. Wheee….

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