A step on the wildlife side

Friday was suppose to be a lazy day. For who, I’m not sure. We started the morning with the discovery that Brandy had startled a skunk. She came running into the house and the pong brought tears to my eyes. We think that she barked at it when it was on the other side of the fence and that the fence took the brunt of it. Still…

We no sooner got her back outside when the phone rang. A computer customer turned dear friend called. Carl wanted Dan and I to stop by in the evening as he had a computer problem. We said yes, knowing that what he and his wife really wanted/needed was company. Carl is going into hospital on Monday for a series of tests. He has a tumor, back pain and some heart trouble to deal with and he is nervous. At 80+, and not in the best of health to begin with, we understand.

Once we finally got moving, Dan and I headed out to Pauline’s with some more stuff for her shed and to pick up anything that she needed moved. We ended up taking a truckload to the ranch. While we were there, the goats paid us a visit. Chandi, her dog so desperately wanted to herd them. He’s the right breed for it, but they aren’t good about being herded. On the way back from Pauline’s, we saw a roadrunner.

The afternoon was it’s own comedy of errors. John wanted to borrow Blue. We stopped to pick up LRT (Little Red Truck) after we’d paid bills and gotten the plates for it. However, Dan left the laptop on in LRT and so it wouldn’t start. Did we have jumper cables? No. Joe, the neighbor across the street that spends most of his day leaning on his fence watching the world go by hollered at us. In his hands were a set of cables. We jump started LRT, returned the cables and then dropped Blue off with John. At Safeway, we got some food for us and shampoo for the dog.

However, by the time we got everything in the house, and some chores done it was time to shower and head over to Carl and Maryjane’s. We arrived around 7:45pm. We sat and chatted for hours. Dan did energy work on Carl as those two talked about everything from computers to blind dates. Maryjane and I sat on the couch and chatted too. She is so worried about Carl. She’s a retired nurse, so understands more than most what may be going on with Carl. She also said that they’ve had lots of bears wandering through their yard. Living up in the hills, they do see more than the average person. If they are coming down this early, there is no food. Hungry bears are a bad sign, and show just how dry it is already. We finally left around 12:15am. Lots of hugs and best wishes combined with ‘please keep us posted and call us if you need us’. Dan and I also came away with that feeling we get when we’ve been “adopted”. We are the same relative ages as Carl and Maryjane’s children, who are all rather a long distance away. It wouldn’t be the first time, nor will it be the last. 🙂 We came home and literally fell into bed.

I woke up this morning with a headache. Some of it from all the energy work I did yesterday. We got a call from Carl at 9am. He slept really well last night. Set his alarm for 9am so that he could ask Dan something and then told Dan he felt so good that he was going back to sleep! That made both of us feel good.

Dan is off with Karen in Aguilar trying to fix various issues. When he gets back, we get to wash the skanky dog. I think I’ll go take a nap.

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