Summertime, and the Weather’s been Freezing!!!

30 degrees lower than normal. Brrrrrrr!!! Another day of cold rainy weather in Southern Colorado. So cold that there was snow on the Spanish Peaks. All above the 10,000ft mark. It was cold and damp all day.

I woke up to Daniel bringing in Fatty the puppy. He wanted me to snuggle him because the dog was cold. Oh, and he wants me to knit the dog a sweater. Then Erin woke me up because he needed to get into the house at 520 and Dan had locked the door and wasn’t answering the phone.

No sooner got to 520 when my mom called. Could I take her to the store? At 10am? Of course. So, I shuffled laundry, took my mom to the store, shuffled more laundry and then headed back to 520. Morgan and Matt are here today too. Since then we have worked on the house, played silly spray the stuff in the cans game, had an asthma attack, cooked dinner and now I’m headed to bed. Wheee…. Oh, and Matt and Morgan went to the movies.

Tomorrow will be interesting. Mom & Dad’s furniture arrives. Wheee…. we get a dresser, a tv and a washer out of the deal. Wow…

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