Back at LOOOOONG Last!

Oh my gods! We lost our phone line on August 21st. Our ex-business partner would neither turn the phone off, nor give us access to do it ourself. sigh… So, when she didn’t pay the bill, Qwest turned it off. We got the phone back on rather quickly, but it took them until yesterday to turn the DSL on. They forgot it on the first order and I had to redo the whole thing. Grrrrr……

Meanwhile, we’ve wired my parents house for telephone service. That was fun.. NOT! Dan had to crawl under the house in the crawl space. Not a fun time. He did however zing my mom. Told her that she really needed to dust down there. She told him to “bite me!” I laughed.

We’ve also dealt with tons of rain. Yesterday’s storm was so heavy with lightning that I nearly got hit. I had just gotten my feet out of the inch deep puddle at my mom’s house when there was a Flash/BOOM! That blast was so loud that all I could do is yell “Shit!” and watch the sparks from up above fall into my parents yard. We think the antenna next door got hit. It rained hard enough that the arroyos flooded and several low spots on the frontage road parallelling I-25 were full of mud. Dad and I saw this on our way to Pueblo today. In fact, one area washed out the road. At least 65 sq. yds of road and land next to the road were gone.

As mentioned, Dad and I went to Pueblo. He and Mom needed a pantry cupboard for the kitchen. Their house is sadly lacking in storage. It was really heavy, so when we got back, I dropped off Dad and picked up Dan. This way they could put it together. At one point, Dad was saying that he was use to being precise like they were on missles when he worked at Martin Marietta. Dan, who was putting on the hinges turned to him and said, “Jon, this isn’t rocket science!” They both laughed.

They got the cabinet together, and we took home a dresser that they didn’t need. Wheeee! Dan now has a place to put his clothes! As Mom and Dad unpack boxes, she is sorting through things and deciding what she doesn’t want any more. I of course get first pick.:)

Dan and I have also been working on lots of information for our other blog, The Pagan Way. We are getting ready to formally start a coven. I’ve been working on by-laws, book lists and other bits and bobs.


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