sunDay After Noon

Finally, the sun has shown it’s face today. This morning was cold, cloudy and gave me no reason to want to get out of bed. Nor did the sinus headache. However, after a cup of tea, aspirin and french toast for breakfast, I am beginning to feel marginally human.

Yesterday after fixing Blue, the pickup, Dan and I headed to Pueblo to see our friend Carl. Carl is dying, and at this point is in hospice care. We got there at a point where he was semi lucid. He recognized Dan and tried to talk. I’m not sure he recognized me. It is very apparent that Carl will not be with us much longer. We visited with his wife, MaryJane for a little bit, said our goodbyes and then headed to Lowes.

I had to get keys cut for work. Oh, and pick up some fencing material for the back yard. Brandy keeps digging under the fence. We have to re-inforce the back side fence. Wheee…

After we do that, we are heading up in the hills to pick more rosehips. And, if we have any energy left, there is this closet that needs finished up. Drywall, hardwear, shelves and paint. Wheee….

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