Milestones and Passages

It’s been a while since I wrote a post. Sunday afternoon instead of going up in the mountains to pick rosehips, Dan and I spent a very quiet afternoon working on things here. Not that a lot got accomplished, but we just didn’t have the energy to go up in the hills. Around 10pm, it was like someone pulled the plug, and we went to bed early.

Monday morning, I was washing my hair when I realized I could “hear” Carl’s voice in my head. He was asking me where he should go. Like he was lost. I told him go to heaven/ towards the light, etc. He replied that “Oh, you would know the answers!” in that joking tone we’ve come to know so well. Then, as fast as that voice appeared in my head, it was gone. At that point, I wasn’t sure if I was just daydreaming, or if I really did hear that voice. Yeah,…. I know it sounds strange, but it is the truth. I was also pretty sure that Carl had passed over.

I didn’t say anything to anyone, just got ready for work and headed off to the Chamber. The job is getting easier, and I did lots of filing, letter writing and other bits. My mom stopped by as did my dad  and I finished up around 2pm.

It was about 5pm when the phone rang. It was MaryJane. Carl had passed around 10pm last night. Dan was talking to her and made arrangements for us to go over and help her disconnect the computer, cancel the online stuff that Carl had and visit on Thursday. Carl’s memorial service is on the 27th. After Dan got off the phone, he mentioned which church it was going to be at and I said, “oh! Nanny’s church.” After puzzled looks, I had to explain that Nanny, my great grandma use to go to that church, and took me with her when I was little.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked extra so that I could take Thursday off. Dan fixed the safe so that we can now use it. I talked with Barbara Yule as well, so I know which days I need off next week to be part of the Celtic Festival that we are having next week.

Tuesday was also my Dad’s 72nd birthday. He and Mom left for Las Cruces to visit my Aunt Toni and Uncle Karl. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary as well as my parents birthday. Mom’s 72nd birthday is Friday! (argh! International Talk Like A Pirate Day) While they are gone, we are watching Elway, their cat.

Thursday we went out to MaryJane’s. We could see where she buried Miko. Poor cat died the same day as Carl. We had coffee, visited and then Dan disconnected all of the online stuff and the computer while MaryJane went through pictures. It was a little rough at times, but she was glad we were there. We  were glad to help.

Came home around 5pm, had a snack, and then it was time for Dan to go pick up Morgan at school. She had a volleyball game up in Westcliff. They won again. Oh she was happy.

We watched Premonition with Sandra Bullock as we ate dinner. Oh Gods what a frustrating movie! I spent most of it wanting to scream at the tv to have her do something to change the reality of what she was seeing. Awwwgggghhhhhhh!!!!

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