Waiting with varying degrees…

Katie, Bryan’s SO keeps going into labor. She isn’t due till later in the month, but apparently, this baby really wants to arrive. Like last week. They live in Searcy, AR, which makes it difficult to deal with the whole long distance Nana thing. They live next door to Stefan, so I have a cluster of grandbabies right there. Anabell, Gavin and this new one. sigh…. Bryan has called every time they’ve gone to the hospital, because it is driving him nuts that she is in pain and he can’t help her. The dr. is doing an amniocentesis to see if the baby is ready or not. I just hope things hurry up before Bryan looses his cool.

May is a crazy month. Regular school is ending in less than 8 school days. Wheeee! However, for Dan and I, things are going to speed up. Dan is going back to college-CTU. We are also working on our business, and I still haven’t found work. I really don’t want to have to head for 7-11 or the Acorn. To be honest, I’d like Dan to take a turn at being the provider for a  bit.  We shall see how it goes.

The weekend has been crazy. Morgan has spent most of the weekend at 520 with her Dad. That meant cleaning up a bedroom, just as we are getting ready to finish up the drywall in the closets. Then Dad was doing his first evening program at Lathrop park. A slide show on the history of Walsenburg and Huerfano County. Very nice except for one thing. His computer freezes at times, so he borrowed mine. (aieeee!!! withdrawl symptoms!!!) So, we spent a lot of time over the last few days getting my computer up and running. I had just changed it over to a dual boot machine. Uggghh…. Have I ever said how much I detest Windows???? Oh gods….. Never ever realized just how much I appreciate my Linux OS. Ubuntu, Fedora 10, either is heaven in comparison. However, Dad and a few other reasons compel me to dual boot.

We got his stuff all ready and then we went to the El Fandango performance at the Fox Theater. Matt is a dancer in the group. I’m not sure he thought it was the best idea at first, but…. It has turned out to be a great outlet for him. They all did really good. Gretchen, my cousin and her friend Mary Jo run the program. They have dancers from about 5 up to 16 dancing. We all enjoyed it.

Came home long enough to cook dinner and grab Morgan before heading out to Lathrop State Park for Dad’s program. There were about 14 of us, which isn’t bad for a windy cool May evening and very little advertizing. Dad did a great job. It was very cool to hear him give a program. The last time I saw him was probably 10 years ago at the Grand Canyon.  We helped him pack up and then headed home.

After making a cup of tea, we sat down to watch the Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones. Very intense movie.

This morning, I slept in a bit and then got started on the day. As soon as Dan gets back from La Veta, we will start the drywall mudding and taping. I hope….

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