Housework roundup

Yesterday, we went and did some shopping. Ian went and spent time with Jillian while we got a few things here and there. Mostly did a lot of ‘window shopping’ at places like Home Depot. One good thing we did was buy Avatar. OMG! A very good movie. Fern Gully for Adults! I really enjoyed it.

Today of course has been catch-up day. Catch up on laundry, housework, email and writing. I have two stories futzing around in my brain! Must-write-stories!!!!

Went to the Huerfano Cat Coalition meeting today too. I will be doing some of their computer work. Probably a FaceBook page and some general word processing work. They need things like a letter head and such.

This week will be busy with two board meetings, class assignments and general mayhem. Now to go write a bit!

5 thoughts on “Housework roundup

    1. Professionally, I am a freelance writer for a local newspaper. In my free time, I write fiction. Fantasy and erotic as well as some generic pieces. Short bits that are maybe 3-4 pages at the most. It is over on my other blog, Adventures of a Wordwytch. If it turns out really good, I post it on Literotica.

  1. Hi,

    I just would like some info on the Huerfano Co. Cat Coalition. Since you had attended a meeting—I thought you might pass along what you knew of the Coalition.
    Thanks, Ann

  2. Hello Ann,

    The Huerfano Cat Coalition is rather small, but doing it’s best to stay afloat. We work on feeding ferals, as well as trapping, neutering or spaying and then releasing the animals. For some, we are able to find homes. Right now we are trying to get information on the person or persons who poisoned the cats at one of the feral colonies. In the Huerfano World Journal, there is a letter to the editor which gives Sherry Kraxberger’s contact number.

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