Tuesday, Birthday, Meeting day…

It is a WARM day today, which is a really nice change from the cold and Snow of yesterday. I have the doors and windows open and I’m letting the air warm the rest of the house. I’m also glad that it is warm, because Dan is working on my car yet again. sigh…

Today is Ian’s 20th birthday. He’d planned to go to Pueblo, but with the car not working right, he just hung around the house. I’m making him a carob mayo cake and barbecued beef for dinner.

Plus, tonight is the RE-1 school board meeting which will probably be a LONG meeting. The alcohol issue, drugs at school- Peakview, and a bomb scare at the high school. Not exactly what most school districts want just before the end of school.  We had an irate member of the public try and tell me how bad Morgan’s school was too, because Gardner was letting students shadow at both RE-1’s high school and Re-2’s. Gee, where has he been for the last 20 years?  Oh well. It should be interesting.

We went to Walsenburg lumber and got glass, caulking wood putty and sandpaper so I can fix the back window and my dresser. Wheeeeee!!! I got a new story up too. I’ve managed just about a story a day on that blog. Also got a power point presentation done yesterday for college. Here’s hoping the professor reads and grades the right one this time. Yes, I’m still irritated over that.

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