Dammit, it’s May and still COLD!!!!

We had snow yesterday. Today it is a whopping 48 degrees, and the sun we had lasted for about 45 minutes. Brrrr!!!

Yesterday, I headed down to the gardening meeting in hopes of planting my squash seeds. Half way there, it started graupling. By the time I got to the community center, there were snow snakes blowing across the parking lot. It was too cold to even pull weeds.

Today hasn’t been much better. I’m just glad that it was warm while we washed Nibbler. He stank so bad that we had to wash the pup! I did housework today as well. Mopped the floors which are still drying. It is just too damn cold to be May!

Oh well.

Two more assignments in the business class and I will be done. Huzzah! This has not been one of my favourite classes. I’m very tempted to switch online schools.

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