is us!!!

We now have a domain for service to add to our LoboSavvy website. Wheeee!!!! We’d been debating what to do, as LoboSavvy Technologies is so broad in it’s abilities. So, we decided to make LST, the teaching arm of things, where we do classes and philanthropic type things and have ADT for the repairs, service and other $$$ things.

We are working to ‘revve’ up the business at the moment too. Now that Dan has a brain after his divorce, and can concentrate more on business, we hope to get things moving more. Dan and Ian are working on A+ certs and that kind of thing. Meanwhile, Dan and I are about to change colleges too. Poor professors and classes that are not challenging us. So, we are ‘shopping’.

Dan and Ian are working on the truck as well, since the computer on my car has died. pout! Once we have a bit of cash, they will fix my car. Meanwhile, Daniel is letting me borrow his car as needed.

Well, must go do something! It is cold and damp again today and I must get moving!

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