5am was too damn early

And I told my body that when I woke up at the crack of dawn. Yawn… 45 minutes later, Misty was up and thumping around the kitchen getting coffee and trying to wake up enough to head out. She had to head home this morning. pout! Ah well, at least we had a really good six day visit. I don’t envy her going back to hot Arlington Texas though. phew!!! And, miracles of miracles, she only left on thing! It was in the freezer, so I’m not too surprised. 🙂

However, since I was up so early, I made a second batch of biscuits in preparation for the La Plaza job. They came out really good this time and I will stick to it. Yum… I’ve got to do dishes again and then make a carob cake for the potluck tonight at David Enke’s. The Old Blind Dogs are playing at the Fox tomorrow night. Dan gets to work the lights and I will be cooking at the La Plaza for the after dinner party. Wheeee…

Life is just about to get really busy! Work starts tomorrow and college classes at Ashford start on Friday.

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