I survived!

My first business board meeting that is… Normally when a new school board is elected, they get sworn in and before their next meeting, they get swooped off to CASB’s big Winter Conference where there is all kinds of training and opportunities for board members to learn how to be board members. Then they have their first serious/real meeting. Well… we voted not to spend the money and didn’t go. Instead, we are having workshop trainings, and the first one is Friday night.Yeah, we are doing it backwards.

So, we had our first real meeting and had to deal with some interesting issues. If you want to read about it, it is all here. It will be really nice when the board has more training. Even I understand that I need more training. Randy Black from CASB will be here to help us out.

Funny thing about the meeting is that I had to keep reminding myself that it was ME running the meeting. I’m the one who had to keep it moving. It is a big difference from sitting in the back of the room and writing note on what is being done. I was running the meeting, taking notes, listening and directing. Good think I can multi task!

I did have one small bit of revenge and gleeful delight last night. I got to put Dan on a sub-committee for safety. 🙂 And last night I had a terrible time unwinding. I must have laid there for thirty minutes until it struck me. I’m so use to writing an article for the paper and getting the meeting ‘out of my system’ and now I don’t have that. Hopefully writing the other blog will help.

Had another epiphany this afternoon. It went along with the … “I need to attend all of the little social gatherings like the holiday program.” We changed the date of graduation and I idly though… gee, that’s cool. Then it hit me. I have to BE THERE! I’m the president of the board…. and the president hands out the diplomas! Geep! Last time I handed out ONE was when Stefan graduated. Oh did my social calendar just get busy. Better get my sewing area up and running too. I need more clothes. I can’t attend a bunch of functions wearing the same skirt all the time. Aieee!

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