Battlemoor VII… Ahhhh!

Battlemoor was lovely. We started taking stuff out to site on Saturday, August 27th. It was a good thing, as it took us three trips to bring everything out this year, and two trips to bring it all home. Yes, I am the queen of truck tetris!

It rained. The wind blew. We had a lot of fun, including playing an SCA version of Cards Against Humanity. Oh that was a riot.

I did some shopping and received gifts as well. The rest of the pics here are of our Tiny Viking Long House and camp.

I will be doing more posts with pics.

2 thoughts on “Battlemoor VII… Ahhhh!

  1. Looks like you had a whale of a time, mind you that might just have been all the water. You have had treats and been busy buying eerie-orums noo hids back tae auld claize and purritch or in your case new clothes 🙂

    1. Other than Dan screaming like a girl when the water dripped on his back, the rain was nice. 🙂 He levitated a good 2 ft. As for getting back to the 21st century clothes… ugh. I always find the SCA clothes easier to wear.

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