Drywall, perfume and thunderstorms

Yesterday was busy. I started off with giving John a haircut. He’s worn it long for the last 15 years and decided that it was just too hot to do so any longer. So, I gave him a nearly military haircut. Never thought I’d do that again! Oh well. He’s cooler and happier. We’ll all get use to seeing him with shorter hair.

Then Daniel and I drove up to Pueblo in Blue, my ancient F150 pick-up. We were heading up to get building supplies. Yes, I did this a few days ago with Dan, but this time I had to get the drywall. I also needed to get a birthday present for John and Daniel wanted to find something for his girlfriend.

First stop was at Lowe’s for paint. A 5 gallon bucket of paint. Funny bit was Daniel drooling over kitchen cupboards and the cool washers and dryers. He was like a puppy running around the store. Finally got out of there and headed to the Pueblo Mall. Now, for some people that probably sounds like a really cool place. When it first went up, it probably was. However, in comparison to the malls in Denver or Colorado Springs, it is very small. Upside of this is that it is just about all the Mall I can stand.

We found the perfume Daniel wanted to get Breanna as well as some silly flip flops, lip gloss and a little bag to hold them. I got John a hat that said Authentic ’58 and a deck of trivia ’58 cards. He was 50 yesterday.

Then we hit Home Depot. $110 later, we walked out with hardware, 12 sheets of drywall, 1 sheet of OSB and loaded up the truck. We stopped for a couple of dollar hamburgers and then headed home. We aren’t on the highway ten minutes when I see this rain curtain heading our way. I think “shit!”, as there is nothing but the OSB over the drywall. I drove as fast as my poor old F150 could go in hopes of missing the storm. No such luck, silly me. We got within a mile of this one curve when the rain hit. Downpour! I go to turn on the windscreen wipers to find that they aren’t working. WHAT??? So, barely able to see, I pull off at the exit and while the rain is thundering down on us and lightning cracks every 2-3 seconds I’m crawling under the dash trying to figure out what is wrong. You see, the wipers work, but don’t always turn off. John had the truck the last time it rained, and he just unplugged them when he couldn’t turn them off! However, he didn’t tell anyone! ahem… First I tried to figure out where the plug was. Then Daniel. Fifteen sweaty minutes later, Daniel and I finally plug in the wipers. We change places yet again and I start off home.  BTW, the roadbed that we’d parked in had been dry, and now had 4 inches of standing water! We drove through 10 more minutes of pounding rain before we got clear of it. Daniel figured the drywall was ruined. I wasn’t too sure. 25 more minutes of dry weather and we got home. Dan and Daniel unloaded the truck. The OSB was soaked. However, thank Goddess, the drywall only had some damp spots. We put it in the front office to dry until we need it on Sunday. We were all exhausted. Drywall is heavy!

Later for John’s birthday we had steak, veg and German Chocolate cake. My stomach was upset, so I only had water although it all smelled good. John loved his presents. I gave him the hat and cards as well as a lap quilt and pillowcase I had made him. I had this cool bear fabric that I used.

Between rainstorms and loads of laundry I did some more sewing. I’ve been trying to make time to actually reacquaint myself with my sewing room and machine. Wheeeee!

Today we are finishing up the framing on the closet at 520 and hope to be able to drywall and paint by Monday. Wheeeee!

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